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Time and time again we have heard the same words from our Customers. “How do we compete with the end to end tracking information the Integrators are able to provide?”

So we put our thinking caps on and came up with a Unique, World-Wide, Low Cost Solution. Five years ago this solution would be unthinkable. Using the latest techniques and power of technology that you already have in your hands we devised a totally new concept in Freight Tracking.

It will work for an International Freight Forwarder, a Manufacturing or Distribution Company, a Domestic Haulage Contractor, with or without a Distribution Hub. It will even work for an owner driver or motorbike courier wishing to give their customers real time tracking.

Anyone in the business of Moving Freight anywhere in the World needing a Low Cost, World Wide, Multi-Point, Automated Tracking System that communicates with the Sender and the Consignee can use Redberry Consign Software.

The first step is to create your Free Account within our website. During this process we obtain minimal details of your company, and we send you your own unique company five character company ID and your supervisor login details. We then request that you upload your company logo so that your Company tracking pages within our website only shows your own identity to your customers. This is part of your Personalised Web Space on your Redberry Consign hosted Freight Tracking Web Servers.

We further give you your personal Company tracking page control where you can set a background colour or image, set font type and font colour to use to give your Redberry Hosted Tracking Page the same seamless feel as your own web site. You add the link to your website as your own tracking page.

Yes we do, we have full ‘Black Box’ integration where you upload the shipment data and we respond with either a data string containing the pdf consignment note, or one data string containing the contents of the three bar codes. The full specification of the APIs is made available after registering to use the system.

Yes we do, contact geoff.stow at for more details.

We use an https encrypted connection of similar type used when you log onto your bank account. Most browsers show this SSL certificated connection in green with a padlock. In the same way that you cannot access other people’s bank accounts, other Tracking users cannot access your Web Space on our Tracking Servers.

The fundamental requirement is that your Consignment Note is created within your Web Space on our Freight Tracking Servers. This service remembers your Senders and Consignees for repetitive shipments, if requested on Saving the Shipment. It also remembers Commodities, Delivery and Collection Agents, for future use. The Consignment Note may also be created using an API Call.

On printing your Logo Personalised Consignment Note, if there is an email address in the Collection Agent or Delivery Agent, then an automated email will be sent to the Agent with the Consignment Note as a pdf attachment. The Collection Agent could be as simple as a Vehicle Number without an email address so that a driver’s Collection Manifest can be created. It could be left blank and filled in retrospectively after the drivers have decided who is going to do which collections. From this you can obtain Vehicle and Agent activity reporting.

The secret is in the Bar Codes on the Consignment Notes. Old technology you might think, but not when combined with new technology. There are three bar codes on the Consignment Note, one for Collected, one for Satellite Location, and one for Delivered. You go to the Google Play Store (a trade mark of Google) on your Android Phone and download the Free Redberry Consignment Tracking App. Most drivers have Android Smart Phones now days and as the app is free it is no big deal to ask the driver to use it.

The one App works for all Consignment Notes created in any Personalised Web Space as your Unique ID is within the Bar Code. In the case of Satellite Location, the phone knows where it is within 30 yards of its location, and that is accurate enough for Consignment Tracking.

In the case of Delivered, the App is aware of this and takes a photograph of the PoD details, being the signature and printed name of the recipient. There is an option also that on scanning the recipient's name is captured in text on the phone.

If there is an Internet connection on the Phone then these details are sent within seconds to update the status of the shipment in your Web Space. If there is not, then the various status messages are queued until there is a connection. All the Status Messages are time stamped at the time of scanning, so in the case of no internet connection all the timed status data is correct, there is just a delay in updating that data.

The Shipper and Consignee can be automatically notified by email, if required, on Shipment Status Changes.

The cost is computed by shipment and by shipment weight. You receive 200 Shipment Tokens Free of Charge on creating your Free Account and Free Web Space. This is so that you may extensively test the system to ensure that it works for your company, without making any financial commitment. Creating a New Shipment will take a one Shipment Token for 0 to 100 Kgs, two Shipment Tokens for 101 to 500 Kgs, three Shipment Tokens for 501 to 1000 Kgs and four Shipment Tokens for 1001 Kgs up.

Automated Location shipments carry an additional cost of one Shipment Token for up to 24 status points or two Shipment Tokens for up to 48 status points. Automated Location Manifests carry a Manifest cost of four Shipment Tokens for 24 status location points and eight shipment tokens for up to 48 status location points. A manifest can consist of up to 50 shipments, all of which are updated at no extra cost by the Automated Location Manifest.

Manual scan Shipments are free of Automated Location Charges. Manual scan Manifests cost one shipment token on closing the manifest.

If the Tracking works for your Company you may purchase Shipment Tokens via PayPal or PayPal Credit Card Services. Rates are as low as 20 cents USD per Shipment Token for Volume Purchases.

On scanning Collected on a simple door to door shipment the Redberry App does the rest. Depending on the Consignment Note type that was printed, the App will update the shipment location from five minute intervals to thirty minute intervals. The Shipment Automated Location Data can be suspended for a period such as a driver’s break or a ro-ro ferry crossing, on a bar code scan. This may be resumed again, also on a bar code scan. These actions are also logged in the Shipment Status history in your Personalised Web Space. Automated tracking is terminated on the Delivered Scan on a single shipment.

We support three types of Manifest for Multiple Shipments, Vehicle Collection from Sender and Deliver to Hub, Vehicle Collect from Hub and Deliver to Consignee, and a Consolidation Manifest which is Collect Hub and Deliver Hub. A hub may be a Warehouse associated with the user, or may be an Export/Import Bond.

In the case of a Collection Manifest other shipments that have already been collected will take on the location of the last Shipment Collection scan. Similarly on a Delivered Manifest all shipments that have not been delivered take on the location of the last Shipment Delivered scan.

In all Manifest cases, scanning the Manifest bar code will update the status of all shipments, and depending on Manifest Period Type selected, will also update status automatically from fifteen minute intervals to two and a half hour intervals, over a period of 12 hours up to five days.

Automated status may be suspended and resumed for a Manifest, if required, in the same manner that a single shipment may be suspended and resumed.

Shipments may be attached graphically to a manifest and there is an optimum weight and cube set to a manifest with a warning if either is exceeded. Multiple manifests may be handled at one time and Shipments may be moved from Manifest to Manifest if necessary.

You get your own personalised Tracking Web Space on our server that links seamlessly to your Web Site with your logo and preferred colours to match your website. Anyone following this link may put in your consignment number and see the basic details of the shipment. Your Consignment number is already protected by a check digit. Shipper Details and Consignee details are withheld, only city and country are shown.

You get automated status emails to Shipper and Consignee with a link to their Shipment. This link also authorizes them to view all Shipment Details and also browse all of their Shipments. They may create PDF reports from their shipments.

You get comprehensive shipment reports, you also get Manifests of all Shipments not yet collected, Driver’s manifests by vehicle. Subcontractors’ manifests and Consignment Notes may be automatically sent to them as PDF email attachments. Your Collection Agent could be an Overseas Agent in the case of International Shipments, they will receive automatically a copy of the Consignment Note by email. They would scan the Satellite Location bar code on Collection from the Airline, possibly scan it again in their Warehouse and then the Delivered bar code which will also take an image of the PoD Name and Signature and upload it to your Tracking Web Space.

You get real time Multiple Point tracking if there is an Internet Connection to the Redberry Consignment App and each time the Satellite location bar code is scanned the Redberry App can map where it is.

You also get collection and delivery exception notification within seconds of a problem arising, by email. This ensures that you are aware of the problem before the Shipper is.

To start your free trial press the Login/Register button above. Before you start, however you need a copy of your company logo in jpg, jpeg or png format in a location on your computer to upload. We use this to personlise your Web Space, Your Consignment Notes and your Manifests. The ideal proportions of your logo are three long to one high. We will accept any proportion logo you send us but if you want it to look really good those proportions are the best. Further as you will be printing your logo, a white background is usually preferable, although not essential. Documents are colour documents, again it is up to you if you print them in colour or grey scales. On Registering we will first ask you for your details, your company details, and then your logo and company preferences.

It is worth noting that as you are registering your company then you automatically have supervisor rights as a user. This enables you to change your company settings and also register other users in your company as authorised to log in but not have supervisor rights. On creating, amending and printing documents we carry an audit trail of users’ actions that may be viewed.

Like all comprehensive software products, learning how it works may seem a bit daunting at first, however once you have become a registered user you have email access to our help desk and also to Frequently Asked Questions that are relevant to where you are in the system.

DRIVE is used by the driver of the vehicle to scan the bar codes on the Consignment note and the Manifest. Drive collects the freight location and sends the information to your Web Space.

BOND is used by the driver of the vehicle to scan the bar codes on a Consignment Note to set the location of the shipment going into (Export) or out of (Import) an International transit shed such as an Airline.

SHED is used by your warehouse personel to scan the shipments into and out of your transit warehouse. This utility can also update the Pieces, Weight and Cube of a shipment. It can further store and locate shipments within the warehouse using bar coded location labels that may be printed freely within your Web Space. This App requires a Company Login to your Web Space.

FIND is used by your customer, the Sender, Consignee or any authorised party to locate the latest status and location of the shipment. They may search shipments on their own references and the App automatically takes on your logo on registration.